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Interview with Mary Stanhope, VP – Product & Marketing, Global Capacity.

IR Telecoms & Technology recently spoke with Mary Stanhope, Vice President Product and Marketing, Global Capacity about her upcoming contribution at the 11th Annual Ethernet World conference and the challenges facing mobile operators going into 2014 and beyond and a lot more. Read on to find out more about our conversation:

1400580046-150x153-speakerIIR: How do you see changing Enterprise and Cloud service needs changing Ethernet Requirements?

MS: The increasing demand from Enterprises to consume Business Applications from the cloud solidifies the demand for secure, private, virtual Ethernet connection to cloud platforms.
IIR: What is the impact of data centre interconnection on networks and network convergence?

MS: Datacenters, the home of the cloud, are not the high demand strategic interconnect points where networks interconnect with applications.  While datacenters continue to dominate inter facility enterprise to application cross connection, their success is directly tied to their ability to enable simple connectivity to enterprise locations thru access network partners.
IIR: What will be the impact of SDN on IP networks and what are the implications for Carrier Ethernet?

MS: The business value of SDN is simplification, automation, and efficiency – all leading to shorter time to market.   The challenge the industry must address is technology neutrality for SDN the biggest impact will be felt when SDN works cross network and cross vendor.
IIR: What are the main challenges in launching and selling a portfolio of Ethernet services?

MS: The largest challenge in launching Ethernet is in Simplifying the Flexibility.   The second is  delivering a consistent set of service attributes and performance across multiple transport networks.  No one carrier has ubiquitous coverage.  No one Ethernet access technology is ubiquitous.  Wide area networks need to be able to account for these variables and still meet the customer requirements.
IIR: What do you hope to achieve in attending  Ethernet World 2014?

MS: The two goals of my attendance to Ethernet World 2014 include  – (1) education on the network marketplace model and how it is simplifying the complexity of the Ethernet Market (2) gain insight to solution my peer companies are using to address the growing demand of global Ethernet networks.