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Interview with Ferdinand Agida, Senior Product Manager Globe Business, Globetel

IR Telecoms & Technology recently spoke with Ferdinand Agida, Senior Product Manager, Globe Business, Globetel about his upcoming contribution at the 11th Annual Ethernet World conference and the challenges facing mobile operators going into 2014 and beyond and a lot more. Read on to find out more about our conversation:

Ferdinand Agida

Ferdinand Agida, Senior Product Manager Globe Business, Globetel

Mr. Ferdinand Agida is a Product Manager for Data and Managed Connectivity of the Enterprise Product Management in Globe Business. He managed the end-to-end product life cycle of the following products: Domestic Ethernet, Private IP, and Leased Line, contributing to more than Php2 Billion in annual revenues for Enterprise Group. One of his major achievements was spearheading of Globe Business Metro Ethernet Forum Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Certification for its Ethernet services. Globe Business was recognized by MEF as the first Service Provider in Asia and fourth in the World to have MEF CE2.0 Certified Ethernet services.

IIR: How do you see changing Enterprise and Cloud service needs changing Ethernet Requirements?
The demand for Ethernet services will continue to grow as business requirement to access various applications and explore new Cloud-based services increases. This will fortify Ethernet service as the universal connectivity solution for Enterprise and Wholesale customers.
IIR: What is the impact of data center interconnection on networks and network convergence?
Several years from now, Data Center will be known as the birthplace of IT-Enabled Services. But looking back, Data Center is where different Service Providers started to interconnect to each other to extend connectivity to Enterprises and Wholesale carriers locally and globally. In the end, Data Center should be known as the gateway of network convergence – bridging different Carriers and Enterprises around the world in providing simple connectivity solutions through cross-connection, a location for disaster recovery site or access to Cloud-based applications and solutions.
IIR: What will be the impact of SDN on IP networks and what are the implications for Carrier Ethernet?
SDN is all about network intelligence through automation. Its impact on Service Providers’ IP and Carrier Ethernet network remains to be seen but it should complement the way IPs discover its route dynamically and should enhance how Carrier Ethernet networks implement the Classes of Service and Ethernet-Operations, Administration and Maintenance (Ethernet-OAM), the two key features in Carrier Ethernet 2.0 standards. In addition, new variants of various services can be easily launched by Service Providers.
IIR: Do you think there is a business case for Carrier Ethernet 2.0?
Yes. There is no doubt that the Carrier Ethernet 2.0 highlighted features will be the main drivers in pushing further the growth of Ethernet Market revenues. The enhanced features of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 will definitely address customers demand for stringent SLAs on their connectivity solutions.
IIR: What are the main challenges in launching and selling a portfolio of Ethernet services?
The greatest challenge is to deliver a consistent, end-to-end Ethernet service across multiple network platforms. With different access equipment spread across our country’s 7,107 islands, deployed in diversified manner using every mode of access facilities possible while keeping in mind serving the connectivity needs of our customers is indeed a big challenge for us. Another challenge is how we transition our customers to Ethernet-based services that are not yet ready to replace their traditional TDM-based connectivity.
IIR: What do you hope to achieve in attending Ethernet World 2014?
First, as we move towards modernizing our network and making it future-proof, I hope to gain knowledge and insights from the leading Service Providers and subject matter experts across the globe about the emerging technologies such as SDN and NFV. And secondly, I hope to understand the behavior of the Global Ethernet market as we shift from being one of the market leaders in the Philippines to be a significant player in the APAC region and eventually to the Global arena and create relevant products and services to address customers’ unending needs.

On Day 2 of the upcoming Ethernet World Congress, Ferdinand will be Outlining Globe Telecom’s Current and Future CE2.0 Business Ethernet Services for thePhilippine Market. The event is FREE-to-attend for Operators, click here to register.