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Exclusive Speaker Q&A with Telefonica

IIR Telecoms & Technology recently spoke with Eduardo Mendez Polo, Head of IT Cloud & Low-Cost, Telefonica Spain about his upcoming contribution at the 11th Annual Ethernet World conference and the challenges facing mobile operators going into 2014 and beyond and a lot more. Read on to find out more about our conversation:


About Eduardo:

Eduardo Mendez has been working for Telefonica Spain since 1998, where he has deployed a variety of activities related to infrastructure and services management, servicing both local and global customers. The diversity of services cover  from the very early wap and sms services to the most recent video and social networking ones. He has built and managed a number of different technology scenarios from the proprietary dedicated servers through utility computing to the present cloud environments. He was assigned in June 2012 to the internal IT department with the mission of implementing these best practices intensively across the entire IT infrastructure.

IIR: How do you see changing Enterprise and Cloud service needs changing Ethernet Requirements?
Eduardo: The entire IT services world is changing rapidly. At the moment when the IT industry expected to have reached a safe status of efficiency and management, our entire world changed by the irruption of the virtualization of every infrastructure layer. This change is forcing us to adapt to new technologies and procedures to gain the most out of them.
But there is still one rule that remains unchanged. All the IT architectures need solid foundation to grow, and in IT this base is the network. If we want to succeed providing Cloud services, we need to establish a network to support them and adapt to changes and customer needs.
IIR: What is the impact of data centre interconnection on networks and network convergence?
Eduardo: Although all these significant changes are requiring organizations to add new capabilities and technology knowledge, they require too to be studied using a classical approach: first step needs to be to define a strategy, and to deploy the implementation and management practices required after that. Otherwise, we will have the risk of messing up our architectures with a combination of last hour acronyms that will obfuscate our capacity to provide a high quality IT service.
IIR: What will be the impact of SDN on IP networks and what are the implications for Carrier Ethernet?
Eduardo: SDN provides an extraordinary opportunity to detach the IT service provided from the physical assets and link the network solutions to the service that require them. Network virtualization is the highest expression of how Cloud services can serve an organization to adapt the solution architecture to the customer needs without the limitations of pure technology constrains. But, as explained in previous questions, the more we move ahead this path, the more critical are management and strategy decisions.
IIR: Do you think there is a business case for Carrier Ethernet 2.0?
Eduardo: Telcos are currently in the mainstream of a new wave of Cloud services offering. They are the only ones able to offer both communications and Cloud services, positioning themselves as the trusted partner and providing a whole set of value added services. Network changes can help telcos accelerate this opportunity.
IIR: What are the main challenges in launching and selling a portfolio of Ethernet services?
Eduardo: When we talk about Cloud, many times we see that Cloud providers miss the opportunity of offering communications services, focusing just on providing computing, storage and software. Here we have an open window for telcos to differentiate their offering including Ethernet services, and bundling them to maximize their commercial opportunities.
IIR: What do you hope to achieve in attending  Ethernet World 2014?
Eduardo: Ethernet World has become the main event of the year to understand datacentre communications evolution, and how to efficiently adapt communications strategy to enterprise strategy.

At the upcoming 11th Annual Ethernet World Congress, Eduardo will present an exclusive Case Study on Enabling Cloud Services with Ethernet. For more details on his presentation, download the conference brochure.

The event is FREE-to-Attend for Operators, click here to register.